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Kevin Wesley December 11, 2012 Tips & Tricks

Hello there Techies,


Apparently with some of the recent updates to Adobe and Encompass – A lot of people are having issues viewing or printing items in Encompass.


Please carefully read this entire set of instructions.


A few things to check:


  1. Have the user close Encompass and reboot.
  2. Connect to their workstation using Team viewer or Crossloop.
  3. Open the Printer Properties on the Encompass Printer (NOT the Encompass Efolder printer)
  4. Check the port the printer is set to.  It should be a local port that is not assigned to any other device.  When in doubt, ADD a port, select local port and call it anything you like (EPDF, Encompass, etc.)



 Check the Print Spooler settings.  The Encompass printer should be set to Spool Print Documents:






  1. Apply / OK these settings.
  2. Open Adobe Reader. Check the Adobe Reader settings, Disable Protected mode at Startup.  (Edit Menu, Preferences, General Section)
  3. Run Encompass as an admin (right click the Encompass Icon, select ‘Run as Administrator’)
  4. Retry the opening / preview or printing a document in the efolder.


  1. If this still fails: Delete the Encompass Printer (NOT the Encompass Efolder printer) and re-run the Encompass Installer,  and reboot.


  1. If this still fails:  Uninstall Encompass, Smart Client Core, all versions of Visual C++, delete the Encompass printer.  Reinstall Encompass.  (This takes a long time.)


  1. If this still fails:  Start a MalwareBytes full scan and assign the Ticket to the IT requests group.